What Have I Been Doing? II

You may (hopefully) have noticed that this blog has died out again. Maybe you’ve even come to miss it. After all, in past years, I’ve spent November doing NaNoWriMo for my blog (see 2011 and 2012), but this year I’ve done nothing blog-wise.

So what have I been doing, behind the scenes, while not blogging? I’ll tell you!

I’ve been working on applying to jobs. I’m no longer considering law school or graduate school at the moment and focusing instead on applying to good ol’ fashioned jobs. …in market research and web development. So far I’m 0 offers for 1 sent application.

I’ve been spending a significant amount of time learning programming, going through textbooks and Code School to learn jQuery and Ruby on Rails. I also signed-up for an online class to learn R, the statistics package. I hope to sharpen these skills to get those aforementioned jobs I just talked about.

I’ve been working on the EA Projects Group with Ozzie Gooen. This is a group dedicated to coordinating the work of online volunteers toward completing programming and research projects to further the effective altruist movement. I’m working on a few of the programming apps myself while providing project management for the team. We’re currently working on branding ourselves and hope to have a new name soon.

I’ve been volunteering for some effective altruist orgs, like Giving What We Can, Effective Animal Activism (soon to be renamed “Animal Charity Evaluators”), and Effective Fundraising. I’m also working on a few things for 80000 Hours.

I started a debate with Alonzo Fyfe of Desirism and Atheist Ethicist fame. The topic is whether Alonzo Fyfe’s desirism or my two-level utilitarianism is the better theory of utilitarianism.

I competed in the Moot Court Saginaw Valley Regional. My partner and I placed eighth which was respectable, but not quite as good as I had wanted and not good enough to qualify for Nationals like we did last year. My eight years of law-related education are now officially over.

I competed in my first official race – the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10K. I’ve never run 10K before, so I was happy enough to do the entire thing without stopping, completing the 6.2 miles in 65 minutes and 59 seconds. I placed 7409th out of some 17,000 people and I was outraced by a seven year-old kid.

I’ve been working on quite a few other things, like my senior research, being the Recruitment Chair of my fraternity, being a stats tutor, and being a part of Denison Venture Philanthropy and Denison Community Association.

I’ve been hanging out with friends and family. I also went and visited my girlfriend for a few days. It is Thanksgiving, after all.


This essay was followed up in “Six Month Review II: June-November 2013”.