Sunday Links #25

I was recently interviewed by Ryan Carey about the effective altruist movement, movement building, .impact, and work on the far-future. Yay!

Exercising regularly is really important for living longer, staying smarter and healthier, being less depressed, being more attractive, being more respected, and being higher energy. But what should we do? Recently, I’ve been enjoying the guides put together by Rob Wiblin and Romeo Stevens. Personally, I like to run twice a week and do the Stronglifts weightlifting program three times a week.

Psychiatric hospitals are less “Cukoo’s Nest” and more “Catch-22”: “When it gets cold or rainy, the hospital fills up with homeless people. Word has spread on the streets that if you go to the emergency room and tell the nurse that evil spirits are telling you to kill everyone, you will get a nice bed and three warm meals a day (the hospital meals, in contrast to all conventional wisdom, are really good). It can be hard to turn these people away, since bloodthirsty lawyers are circling the hospital waiting for you to make a Type II error (“So, Dr. Alexander, you’re saying this homeless man walked right into your hospital and explicitly told you evil spirits were telling him to kill everyone, and you refused to even admit him to the hospital long enough to evaluate him more carefully? And this happened just before his shooting rampage at City Hall?”). Besides, many of the people with genuine mental illnesses are homeless, so you can’t conclude much either way until you’ve done a proper evaluation which means letting them in for a few days at least.”

Why we should fire the entire “financial advice” industry. The real life-changing idea is early retirement (or extreme frugality) – you can live a really great life on $10K a year or so, and thus, with stocks, you can retire on $250K. With an after-tax income of $50K, you’ll have what you need to retire after just six years of work (savings rate of 80%).

Want to know what economic reforms you should be fighting for? Rolling Stone clocks five economic reforms millenials should be fighting for: the job guarantee, universal basic income, the land-value tax, a US sovereign wealth fund, and public banking. Not to be outdone, Washington Post takes the exact same five economic reforms and frames them for conservatives.

Olof Johansson-Stenman presents research that typical ethical intuitions can be in line with consequentialism. Elsewhere, utilitarianism is linked with higher testosterone and activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex. Though I’m taking all these findings with a grain of salt.

The Business Habits of Highly Effective Terrorists. Strangly applicable to other businesses.