Sunday Links #17: Altruistic Careers Advice Edition

Should you “earn to give” or do direct work? Here’s one perspective. Notably, the best people in direct work probably can accomplish a lot of good – the best 10% can do about 8x as well as the bottom 10%.

Wondering whether you’d be the type of person suited for direct work? See Holden Karnofsky talk about who would fit well at GiveWell, Ben Todd talk about who would fit well at 80,000 Hours, or Luke talk about who should work for MIRI.

If you think computer programming is the way to go and are only missing the “how to make it happen” step, here’s “Advice on Getting a Software Job”, “Maximizing Your Donations via a Job”, and some more resources. It would be nice to see this for non-programming jobs.

Regardless of what job you try and land, though, don’t forget salary negotiation.

Also don’t forget to consider academics. Here’s Nick Bostrom on how to make a difference as an academic.

Lastly, here’s a bunch of people on LessWrong giving career advice to a new college student.