Sunday Links #16

Five Myths about the Minimum Wage. The minimum wage actually (1) doesn’t cover everyone, (2) doesn’t stay the same unless Congress changes it, (3) obviously increase unemployment when raised, (4) or help the working poor when raised. It also (5) isn’t a partisan issue.

Need more myths? Ok. Here’s 10 Stubborn Exercise Myths That Won’t Die. Turns out things like “No Pain, No Gain” is false, soreness after exercise isn’t caused by lactic acid building up in muscles, exercise doesn’t have to take long hours and isn’t worthless if you don’t do it regularly, you don’t need a sports drink or supplements, you actually shouldn’t stretch, you will lose weight but you won’t lose weight quickly. Furthermore, exercising when you’re old is still fine even if you didn’t do it when young, and working out in your home isn’t better or worse than working out at the gym.

If you pay them money, partisans will tell you the truth. There has been a surprising finding that political partisans don’t just disagree on the issues, but also basic facts like the level of unemployment. However, this theory suggests that they don’t actually disagree, they’re just essentially lying to show support for their preferred side. If you offer them money to give a correct answer, this partisan effect disappears. …At least in one study.

“Policy Debates Should Not Appear One-Sided”: “Arguments are soldiers. Once you know which side you’re on, you must support all arguments of that side, and attack all arguments that appear to favor the enemy side; otherwise it’s like stabbing your soldiers in the back. If you abide within that pattern, policy debates will also appear one-sided to you—the costs and drawbacks of your favored policy are enemy soldiers, to be attacked by any means necessary.”

“Optimal Philanthropy for Human Beings”: “The psychology of charitable giving offers three pieces of advice to those who want to give charity and those who want to receive it: Enjoy the happiness that giving brings, commit future income, and realize that requesting time increases the odds of getting money.”

General tip: advertisements for non-profits should include a specific call to action.

Writers of Reddit explain some exceptionally simple tips that make a huge difference in other people’s writing. The tips are generally for fiction, but are good all around.

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe! It’s fun!

Nine Lies to Learn Before It’s Too Late

Why Selling Kidneys Should be Legal. Yes.

Do Not Be Quickly Persuaded