Sunday Links #14

This is an interesting idea to increase the trustworthiness of self-reporting on survey results – let the respondent roll a die and mandate that they lie if they roll a “6”. This way people can tell the truth and then claim they rolled a “6” if their response was ever called into question.

Scott Young’s Little Book of Productivity contained some useful and novel insights in productivity. Here’s a good summary of the book.

“Morality As Though It Really Mattered”. If moral realism is true, it seems like the most important thing to do is to spend a significant amount of time studying moral realism to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

What about using a universal basic income as a way to reduce inequality and poverty?

Simulated people are people too.

Bruce Schneier’s analysis of the “court of popular opinion”.

How to Not Multitask (and why multitasking is bad)

Was Jane Austen good at game theory?

An interesting move toward more productivity: hiring someone from Craigslist to slap you in the face when you are off task.

Ten things everyone should know about time.