Sunday Links #11

“A Defense of Logical Positivism (Yes, Really)”. I’ve always kind of thought like this. Goes along with this take on a priori reasoning.

“How to Avoid Dying in a Car Crash”. This is important, because it’s one of the highest causes of death for developed-world people aged 15-24, like me. The tips? (1) Don’t be overconfident; (2) don’t be distracted by phones, scenery, fatigue, or other passengers; (3) don’t speed; (4) avoid driving at night, during snow, or during rain; and the obvious stuff like (5) don’t drink alcohol and (6) wear your seatbelt. Also… car helmets?

“Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas” (about start-ups). Generally, the problems are getting too excited and not putting in sufficient amount of time (i.e. weeks) in challenging the general idea behind your start-up, not wanting to do the un-fun parts of the job, and being too timid / risk-averse.

As Dan Gilbert points out in his TED Talk, our beliefs about what will make us happy are often wrong. It turns out we can adapt and find happiness in even some of the worst situations. Hilarity ensues.

Value of information is important. Here are four examples.

“The Importance of Security Engineering”. Also, should we pursue security awareness training?

A good summary of effective altruism.