New Years Resolutions: Octember Edition

Follow up to “New Years Resolutions: August Edition”

Unfortunately, the huge amount of business prevented me from spending the time that is necessary to do a monthly review. It even got pretty bad – during the first six days of October, I didn’t track anything because I hadn’t set up something new for the month. But everything is good to go from this point and now I look forward to telling you about it.

How Did August Go?

Context: The majority of August was spent at my Giving What We Can internship (1-21 Aug) and the remainder was spent at home. While I was at my internship I focused on working, whereas while I was home, I focused on my friends and family.

Points: My goal was to score 19840 “daypoints” over the month according to my scoring system. Instead, I earned 17882.5 points (90.1%), which means the month was a partial failure.

Pomodoros: This month I tried to enhance my productivity by specifically tracking the number of Pomodoros completed. I ended up doing an average of 4.77 pomodoros a day. However, this isn’t a very good system because I often do work where tracking with Pomodoros is inappropriate (e.g., time spent in meetings).

Time on task: This month I spent an average of 9.93 hours a day working (a 69.51 hour work week). This was an average of 10.87 hours (76 hour week) during my internship and an average of 7.72 hours after my internship (54 hour week). Note that work includes everything I do that’s not sleep, reading, eating, exercising, showering, getting dressed, hanging out with friends/family, video games, spacing out, watching TV, and other commonsense things.

Time with friends/family: I spent an average of 4.34 hours a day with friends/family (3.51/day during internship and 6.28/day after internship).

Exercise: I spent an average of 124 minutes a day doing exercise – a mix of bodyweight exercises, running, and biking. This was helped a lot by the fact that I commuted by bike during my internship.

Oversleep: I went back to sleep after my alarm went off the first time 22 out of the 31 days (71% of the time). This is something I need to work on.

Diet: I met my goal of drinking 5 cups of water 100% of the time, 5 cups of milk 87% of the time, and eating broccoli 26% of the time. I ate sweets 28 times and had a fried food once. I did not track my protein bar goal because I could not find suitable protein bars in England.

Temperance: I never exceeded my coffee or alcohol allowance.

Cleanliness: I met all of my cleanliness goals 97% of the time.

Order: I made my bed 97% of the time, processed everything necessary 90% of the time, and kept my room clean 80% of the time.

Silence and Humility: I felt that there were only three times each when I said something that shouldn’t have been said or overstated a claim.

What Was New for September?

I threw out the goal of tracking Pomodoros because I didn’t like it. I also stopped tracking oversleeps and stopped tracking caffeine/alcohol.

I changed my diet goal to match the vegetarian foodplate, looking to achieve a daily 5 servings of grains, 4 servings of vegetables, and 2 servings of fruit. I also aimed for 5 cups of water and 4 cups of milk.

Lastly, I added combing my hair and washing my hands to the hygiene goals.

Overall, it was pretty much the same. I think I’m getting to a system I like.

How Did September Go?

Context: I spent all of September at Denison University.

Points: My goal was to get 19200 daypoints. I got 18057.5 (94%), which again makes the month a partial failure, though I did do better than last month at an equally difficult goal – improvement.

Time on task: This month I worked an average of 11.6 hours a day, making for an 81.5 hour workweek.

Time with friends/family: I spent an average of 2.7 hours a day with friends/family.

Exercise: I spent an average of 36 minutes a day exercising. This exceeds my goal of 30 minutes, but is lower than my time in England because I’m no longer commuting by bike.

Diet: I drank an average of 4.23/5 cups of water, 3.67/4 cups of milk, 1.97/2 servings of fruit, 4.2/5 servings of grains, and 3.1/4 servings of vegetables. This is pretty good stuff.

Cleanliness: I met my cleanliness goals 80% of the time. This is a backslide here.

Order: I kept my room clean 97% of the time, made my bed 93% of the time, fully processed my inbox 93% of the time, and updated my logs 80% of the time.

Silence/Humility: At no point during the month do I feel like I said something that shouldn’t be said or overstated a claim.

What’s New for October?

The only thing I tweaked was that for diet and sleep, I’m now doing things slightly differently – looking at things during the day and asking “did this go to plan?” and scoring points if it did. I have a more detailed diet I’m following now which I’ll write about soon. Everything else is the same.

Starting on 7 Oct, I want to get 11400 points for the rest of the month.


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