New Year's Resolutions: November Edition

Follow up to “New Years Resolutions: Octember Edition”

Another month, another opportunity to review how my life is going and make sure I’m doing everything I want to do, the way I want to do it.

How Did October Go?

Points: My goal was to score 11400 “daypoints” over the month according to my scoring system where different habits of mine are assigned different point values for each day. I earned 11422.5 points (100.1%), which means I succeeded, but barely. Note that 1-6 Oct was not included because I was late to start my monthly review and 16-20 Oct was not included because I was on vacation.

Time on task: This month I spent an average of 10.7 hours a day working (a 74.9 hour work week), which is down from September’s 81.5 hour work week, but up from August’s 69.5 hour work week. Note that work includes everything I do that’s not sleep, reading, eating, exercising, showering, getting dressed, hanging out with friends/family, video games, spacing out, watching TV, and other commonsense things.

Time with friends/family: I spent an average of 3.3 hours a day with friends/family.

Exercise: I spent an average of 64.5 minutes a day doing exercise, mostly Stronglifts and some running. I improved my lifts (boosted my Squat from 135lbs to 155lbs, Bench from 75lbs to 80lbs, and Deadlift from 195lbs to 215lbs) and my running distance (from 4.5mi to 5.2mi).

Other Goals: I met my goals for sleeping 75% of the time, breakfast 90% of the time, lunch 90%, dinner 50%, not snacking 45%, cleanliness 93%, and order 88%.

What Is New for November?

Actually, I’m going to take what I did for October and do it over again, with the same goals and scoring system. I aim to collect 16200 points.


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