New Year's Resolutions: December Edition

Follow up to “New Years Resolutions: November Edition”.

Last January, I outlined some New Years Resolutions, and then did what I thought impossible – used the power of blogging, precommitment, and betting to actually stick to my plans. Following up my last report in November, I present my December update, which tracks how well I did in… November. Sorry that’s a bit confusing and that this was posted so late.

But anyways…

How Did November Go?

Points: My goal was to score 13440 “daypoints” over the month according to my scoring system where different habits of mine are assigned different point values for each day. I did not score the time period between the 22nd and 27th of November as I was on vacation. Overall, I earned 13090 points, which was 97.4% of my goal.

Time on task: This month I spent an average of 10.58 hours a day working (a 74.06 hour work week), which is down from October’s 74.9 hour work week and September’s 81.5 hour work week, which means I’m continuing to lose a bit of steam. (Note that work includes everything I do that’s not sleep, reading, eating, exercising, showering, getting dressed, hanging out with friends/family, video games, spacing out, watching TV, and other commonsense things.)

Time with friends/family: I spent an average of 4.2 hours a day with friends/family, which is up from 3.3 hours a day in October.

Exercise: I spent an average of 58.3 minutes a day doing exercise, mostly Stronglifts and some running (down from 64.5 minutes a day in October). I still improved my lifts (boosted my Squat from 155lbs to 190lbs, Bench from 80lbs to 85lbs, but did not improve my Deadlift) and my running distance (from 5.2mi to 6.2mi).

Other Goals: I met my goals for sleeping 75% of the time, breakfast 90% of the time, lunch 90%, dinner 50%, not snacking 45%, cleanliness 93%, and order 88%.

What is New for December?

I think this is going decently well, so I want to try this again for the third time over December and then make updates as warranted for my next year of New Years Resolutions. I aim to collect 17205 points.


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