Introducing .impact

I’ve talked about .impact in a few other places, but now we’ve finally written a summary of it and have launched a new website. Look here to see what we’re up to!

“Introducing .impact”:

There are many project ideas that could be really useful for the effective altruist community. There are people with the skills and free time to make things happen but who lack guidance or support. .impact aims to provide infrastructure to get people and useful projects together. We hope to help volunteers learn useful skills, meet great people, and create something substantial.

We’re soon launching, a place to share skills and services for free. We collaborated on several Trello boards to organize projects, research topics, and useful resources. We’ve brainstormed and started outlining projects like a vegetarian advocacy study, an EA wiki, and argument mapping software. We’ve had several weekly group hangouts and discussions with a variety of individuals. Most of our general discussion holds place in our Facebook group, which now has 114 members and seems to be growing organically at a rate of 5 per week.