Gratitude Journal

What am I grateful for? I’m keeping a log here, to reflect! I’m doing this because psychology research shows it will boost my happiness.

1 July: I’m grateful that my friend Josh takes time away from South Africa and uses what little internet time he has to work on making Venture Philanthropy great. I’m grateful for my brother and his willingness to pretty much drop everything and help me learn how to drive. I’m also grateful for Apple products – I now have a new iPad and Macbook air and they’re working wonderfully!

2 July: I’m grateful for my girlfriend, who is so supportive and kind. She’s really great to relax with.

3 July: I’m grateful for fireflies and swimming pools, and a girlfriend to share them with. I’m grateful for thinking about gratefulness.

4 July: I’m grateful for the “I Can’t Wake Up” alarm clock app for hopefully saving me from the curse of oversleeping and Trello for keeping my to-do list. I’m also grateful for fireworks and family.

5 July: I’m grateful for televisions and music.

6 July: I’m grateful for my girlfriend, who I’ve spent a lot of time with recently. I’m grateful for the people playing banjo at the park, as well as parks in general. I’m grateful for a father who goes above and beyond for me in many ways.

7 July: I’m grateful for peanut butter. I’m grateful for my hardworking Mom.

8 July: I’m grateful for positive psychology and swimming pools.

9 July: I’m grateful for electronic books and my iPad.

10 July: I’m grateful for my brother.

15 July: I’m grateful for the effective altruism movement, Giving What We Can, and fun people to live with!

16 July: I’m grateful for peanut butter, public transit, and people who cook food for me.

I have now stopped keeping my gratitude journal, because I found that I’m already happy enough that I’m not getting good returns here, and keeping this long in addition to all my other logs was starting to get annoying.