EverydayUtilitarian's Top Ten in 2013

Someone asked me what the top ten posts are on Everyday Utilitarian. I use Google Analytics, so this was a pretty easy thing to find out. I looked at page visits for each essay over all of 2013. Of course, this isn’t a perfect metric, as essays written later in the year have less of a chance of getting viewed, and the “hits” metric is skewed a lot toward what I choose to publicize via Facebook and LessWrong and what I don’t.

So this isn’t much of a “top ten” by quality, I suppose. But here it goes, anyway:

  1. How I Am Productive (1618 pageviews)

  2. How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Vegetarian (606)

  3. Who is This Peter Guy? (543)

  4. A Meta-Ethics FAQ (539)

  5. What is Utilitarianism? (501)

  6. Interview with Ruairí Donnelly (439)

  7. For Happiness, Keep a Gratitude Journal (422)

  8. My Strategic Plan (375)

  9. My Careers Plan (375)

  10. Why Eat Less Meat (286)