Everyday Utilitarian Is Moving

When I started this blog, I had intended to write a lot about living a utilitarian lifestyle. I intended to write about effective altruism. I did a whole bunch of the seocond, but not very much of the first.

I figured that I was sort of leading by example – my best guess is that someone living an “everyday utilitarian” lifestyle probably wouldn’t spend too much time writing about it. But that made writing for this blog a little bit awkward.

Just one short month after I opened up Everyday Utilitarian, a community blog for EAs opened up, making my writings a little less relevant. Recently, that community blog turned into an entire forum. I’ve now decided that, for as long as that forum continues to be active, it would be better for me to post there instead.

The truth here is that I don’t write as much as I used to. And, as such, my readership has declined. In order to get the exposure and comments I need, it makes sense to group with likeminded people. Furthermore, it makes sense to not divert readership onto many different blogs. So moving there makes a lot of sense.

You can now find my effective altruism and utilitarian related writings on the Effective Altriusm Forum. For writing that isn’t fit to go there, I’ll put it on my Tumblr, because it’s so quick and easy to write to Tumblr, even though the site does look less nice.

To make the transition a little easier and because my content is now all over the internet, I’ll be maintaining a complete list of all my writings on a separate list you can reference. And you can always follow me on Twitter for the latest piece of anything I write.

Hope to see you around. This is not the end, just a start of a new beginning.